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About Gewels

Gewels is Gnome version of Jewels. Its main features are:


Sun 02 Nov 2003
- Version G2-1.0.0
- Gnome2 version.

Sun 21 Apr 2002
- Still version 0.9.9
- New item type: wildcard. It is a kind of bonus known from the
  original Jewels. All items of color it is placed on are removed.
  It has rather small probability and can be turned off.

Thu 17 Apr 2002
- Version 0.9.9
- Arbitrary size of the playfield
- New key: move one step down
- Score is logged only 

Tue  8 May 2001
- Version 0.9.1
- Works with new GTK that does not allow running of programs with
- Button Apply removed from settings
- There is up to 300 levels
- AI improved a little
- Computer skills are saved and restored correctly

Tue  1 May 2001

- Version 0.9

Sun 22 Apr 2001

- There is nice floating score when jewels are disappearing
- Scoring changed. Now basic score is multiplied by 100 and
  little bonus is added when player presses down.


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